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>From The Boston Globe,
At embryo lab, protest condemns stem cell work
By Reuters, 8/2/2001

NORFOLK, Va. - Protesters outside the first US laboratory to create human
embryos for the purpose of harvesting stem cells called on President Bush
yesterday to halt embryonic stem cell research.

Led by Randall Terry, founder of the antiabortion group Operation Rescue,
and three priests, about a dozen protesters held a prayer vigil outside the
Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, Va., which has
recruited donors specifically to create embryos for use in stem cell
research, not live births.

''These guys are not doctors. They are not practicing science. They are like
a ghoulish hybrid of Dr. Frankenstein,'' Terry said.

The group held another protest later in the day outside the White House,
where the president is weighing whether to allow federal funding to support
research using stem cells from embryos that otherwise would be destroyed by
fertility clinics.

Protests also were planned in 14 other US cities to press Bush not to fund
stem cell research, halt the creation of embryos solely to harvest stem
cells, and urge women to ''adopt'' unused embryos for implantation, the
protesters said.

''We don't believe it's good to do evil, even if good will came from it,''
said the Rev. Peter West, a Catholic priest from Windsor, N.Y.

The institute, part of the Eastern Virginia Medical School that in 1981
fostered the first test-tube baby born in the United States, last month
announced that 12 women donated eggs and two men donated sperm to create
embryos specifically for the purpose of harvesting stem cell tissue for

This story ran on page A2 of the Boston Globe on 8/2/2001.
Copyright 2001 Globe Newspaper Company.

Dan S

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