Re: MS to rule net

From: James Rogers (
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 00:23:42 MDT

On 8/2/01 10:46 PM, "Miriam English" <> wrote:
> That is an interesting take on MS's dangerously insecure operating systems.
> I had simply thought it was more of this, printed in The Age (a reputable
> Australian Newspaper) early last year:
> US secret agents work at Microsoft: French intelligence
> Source: AFP | Published: Saturday February 19, 7:44 AM
> PARIS, Feb 18 - A French intelligence report today accused US secret agents
> of working with computer giant Microsoft to develop software allowing
> Washington to spy on communications around the world.

The French have reason to be paranoid. Several years ago, there were a
couple moderately well-known cases where French government backdoor
shenanigans in international negotiations were manipulated and/or exposed by
the US government. It was eventually figured out by the French government
that many of the American commercial hardware and software products they
were using had been monkeyed by the US intelligence services to monitor
foreign governmental activities.

Of course, the French had it coming. For many years now, the French have
held the title of being the number one perpetrator of espionage against the
US, usually in close competition with China for the title. What many people
don't know, is that the US was deporting *hundreds* of French spies
annually, or at least in the early 90's when I had a working knowledge of

-James Rogers

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