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Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 21:42:54 MDT

"However, it is not an e-Pearl Harbor we must be concerned about but an
e-Reichstag Fire. Back in 1933, Hitler's Propaganda Minister Joseph
a pioneer of perception management, hired a bunch of Nazi hooligans to
down the Reichstag. The next day, while the German Parliament was still
smoldering, the Nazis passed the Reichstag Decree, which effectively
relegated the German Constitution and all of its civil liberty
provisions to
the toilet."

The Death of TCP/IP
Why the Age of Internet Innocence is Over
"And now, we have the impending release of Windows XP, and its problem
of raw TCP/IP socket exposure. As I detailed two weeks ago, XP is the
first home version of Windows to allow complete access to TCP/IP
sockets, which can be exploited by viruses to do all sorts of damage.
Windows XP uses essentially the same TCP/IP software as Windows 2000,
except that XP lacks 2000's higher-level security features. In order to
be backward compatible with applications written for Windows 95, 98, and
ME, Windows XP allows any application full access to raw sockets."


"Programmers who ought to be familiar with Microsoft's plans have
suggested that the real motive for raw socket support is for Microsoft
to use Windows XP to exploit a bad situation, to deliberately make
things worse.

"According to these programmers, Microsoft wants to replace TCP/IP with
proprietary protocol -- a protocol owned by Microsoft -- that it will
tout as being more secure. Actually, the new protocol would likely be
TCP/IP with some of the reserved fields used as pointers to proprietary
extensions, quite similar to Vines IP, if you remember that product from
Banyan Systems. I'll call it TCP/MS."

Wow, it's like ubiquitous law enforcement happening right before our

My advice: save those Win98 CD's. Sell copies for big bucks on street
corners in a few years.

I'm hoping to be windows-free by 2003, myself.


Michael Wiik
Messagenet Communications Research
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