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Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 18:47:09 MDT

From: "William Kitchen" <>
> My own view of "reparations" is that making me pay for the crimes
> of long-dead slave owners is no more rational than holding the
> descendents of the slaves responsible. I have no more control
> over those events than they do. This "reparations silliness" is
> much more than just silliness. It vilifies modern day whites not
> for doing something wrong, but just for being the same race as
> someone who did something wrong. And it gives preferential
> treatment to modern day blacks not for being oppressed, but just
> for being the same race as someone who was oppressed. This, in
> itself, is a racially motivated injustice.

I agree. Supporters of "reparations" are the real racists.

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