RE: Vicious Racism

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 14:33:23 MDT

> I'm still waiting on someone to say what the racists statements,
> tones, and
> attitudes have been said here. I haven't heard anyone make any racists
> statements. I haven't heard anyone say that any particular race was
> inherently superior. I've heard bigoted ones, and I've heard
> discriminatory
> I know this may seem like nitpicking definitions, but its important
> that words keep their meanings else more confusion erupts. If
> your going to
> use the word racist, please have the common courtesy to know what
> it means,
> and how it differs from bigoted and discriminatory.

Oh, please. This claim is so pathetic. I can't believe that anybody really
needs to respond to such a demand for evidence. But for the sake of
completeness, here I go.

The article clearly claims that there are inherent differences between "all"
blacks and "all" whites. It does not even qualify these differences as
statistically likely or commonly found. It clearly paints all whites with
one description while painting all blacks with a difference description.
The description of the whites is always superior than the description of the
blacks. Not only does it argue that whites are better, but it claims that
blacks are incapable of duplicating the achievements of whites. I don't
know how the article could be even more racist if it tried.

Examples: The article clearly blames welfare, crime, large police
departments, violence and fear on blacks only. It claims that countries
without blacks do not have these problems. It clearly states that the
author could determine the race of the bad teacher by the bad skills,
obviously because only blacks would show such poor skills while whites would
not. The article clearly attributes an unsolved murder and unsolved thefts
to blacks under the assumptions that whites wouldn't commit those crimes.
The article clearly attributes civilization, science and the wheel to
whites. It claims that technology, such as Microsoft products, are produced
by whites. The author does not even seem to imagine that any blacks could
have ever contributed to any technology company such as Microsoft.
Furthermore, the author claims that blacks are incapable of duplicating the
achievements of whites. He expresses the desire that blacks were capable of
studying or achieving academic degrees by their own merit, as if blacks were
incapable of higher learning, and implying that all academic degrees earned
by blacks were faked. The author claims that only whites can achieve higher
levels of academic or civilized achievement, while blacks are incapable of
achieving the same level.

I am (in)famous on this list for playing devil's advocate, giving the
benefit of the doubt, and for assuming the honest intentions of posters.
But even I cannot imagine how anybody can seriously consider this to be a
real article and not a blatant hate-filled ad hominem attack. I believe
that it violates many of the list rules and should not be on this list.
Only the fact that it was not aimed at specific list members has prevented
me from seeking a ban on this topic and the posters who distributed this

Harvey Newstrom <> <>

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