Re: Vicious Racism was RE: Reparations

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 10:01:48 MDT

Sean Kenny wrote:
> > A couple food stamps and a bottle of ripple.
> I've spent 4 years as lurker on this list and this is the most viciously
> racist comment I've ever seen, although I've seen a lot that is offensive
> from Mr Lorry this tops them all. I tend to agree with Alex Bokovs analysis
> of how this list operates, what he misses is that so-called libertarianism
> dogmatism and rigidity quickly descends into intolerance and bigotry as we
> are now seeing.

I suppose my taking great offense at you misspelling my last name
(typical freakin' englishman) would fall on deaf ears. I'd expect
someone who claims to have lurked on this list for 4 years would have
some idea of how to spell my rather simple name.

I also take great offense to you claiming this is a racist comment. It
certainly is insensitive, and reflects stereotypes, but I doubt very
much you'd say it was racist if it was said by a black person (the fact
is that a prominent black comedian said this very line in on of his
skits on 'In Living Color').

The truest test of whether a statement is racist is if it offends no
matter who says it. If one person can say it as a joke and get a pass on
it, and another person says it and it offends, it's not racist.

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