Re: Reparations

From: Randy Smith (
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 08:55:11 MDT

>From: "Alex F. Bokov"
>Since *individuals* cannot inherit debt, it would be unjust to
>increase taxes to pay for these reparations. Therefore the U.S. and
>E.U. governments should reduce the budgets of their current programs
>in order to accomodate this new expenditure. In the case of the
>U.S., I think the Drug War would be a good candidate for the chopping
>block, seeing as it is a leading cause of incarceration of young
>people of color.
>After this, the topic will be considered resolved for all time, and
>anybody who needs a scapegoat for their problems will have to look
>elswhere than slavery.
>If a law like that was proposed, I'd support it.

Excellent meme! Gotta promote it. I just posted a message quoting  this post on the message board for the ABC TV show Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. Maybe someone will pass it on to Maher. He might like this idea and promote the meme....




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