RIP Poul Anderson

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He will be missed...

>Poul Anderson passed away last night, July 31-August 1, around midnight.
>During the afternoon, he received hundreds of emails and messages from
>friends and readers and fellow writers, which Astrid and Karen printed out
>and read to him. He died knowing (and how!) that he was loved and valued,
>and hearing how much his work had entertained and moved so many. Though he
>was weak at the end, there was no loss of mental capacity, and my last
>conversation with him was slow but sparkling with the curiosity and
>deep-seated gentlemanliness that Poul always had, and which was, I think,
>built into his whole body and being.
>He is survived by his wife and writing partner, Karen, his daughter Astrid,
>brother John, grandchildren Erik and Alexandra, nieces Janet and Cathy, and
>by millions of readers.
>There will be a memorial, probably this Saturday, in the Bay Area, details
>not yet worked out; I will send them later. I hope no one minds my inserting
>two of my favorite photographs of Poul, one of him as a child with his
>mother, Astrid, and one of Poul and Karen, visiting our house and reading an
>essay written by Erik, with obvious delight. This is the Poul I will
>remember. And on our shelves, many dozens of books, waiting to be re-read,
>and some more waiting to be published.
>Greg Bear


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