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I did a search, and the link is:

Note that in their links section they included the Extropy Institute.
This is very, very good news.

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001, John Grigg wrote:

> "Til Eulenspiegel" wrote(why not use your real name?):
> Steve Jackson Games (of Secret Service raid fame) will release a series of books called "GURPS: Transhuman Space" beginning near the year's-end. As the title suggests, they have an explicitly transhuman theme. I've read playtest copies of the books, and found it much better than most science-fiction role-playing games. It might provide a method for introducing transhuman ideas to other people in an entertaining and
> non-threatening manner.
> (end)
> I love role-playing games, and especially the GURPs system. I have already greatly enjoyed the biotech and robot books they released. This new project sounds REALLY exciting to say the least! And seeing Max's, ExI and also Anders' site mentioned made me very hopeful. Does anyone here know the game creator David Pulver? He seems very influenced by us.
> I still have fond memories of playing Steve Jackson's microgames. Chitin, Ogre and Ice War were my favorites.
> best wishes,
> John
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