Does the extro-list interfere with your personal life?

From: John Grigg (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 23:38:30 MDT

Stirling Westrup amazed me with:
For now, I prefer just text. Possibly with URLs to *relevant* graphs. When I'm in major catch-up mode, I print my whole extropians mail spool as a
500-page book, double sided, condensed down 4 pages per sheet and read it while commuting. I've been meaning to write a simple html-renderer and mime-parser front end on the text condenser, but I've never gotten around to it. So, I normally can't see the graphs anyway. I usually just circle interesting URLs and hunt them up on the weekend if I have time.

Damn!, you do impress me with your dedication to stay current! I wonder what methods other people on the list have? I tend to print out my favorite posts, stuff them in my coat, and reread them as I get the opportunity. lol The extra insulation helps keep me warm.

I also wonder... How many of you have significant others who get irritated(or just plain angry!) about all the time spent reading and replying to the extrolist? Please fill me in here. We can't all be married to Natasha! And come to think of it, Max does not even post very much anymore.

And if you have problems with a mate but resolved it, please tell us how. I'd hate to think dedication to the extropian list resulted in a nasty divorce!

I'd really like to know what people have to say on this.

best wishes,


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