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As with any other drug, I would just do a MedLine search and
draw my own conclusions instead of relying on anecdotal

A straight search for DHEA turns up thousands, but if you use the
following limits you'll get back around 30.

Only items w/ abstracts
Adult: 19-44 Years

Read the abstracts, maybe download PDFs of the articles that sound
relevant, and draw your own conclusions.

Last time I did so, I came to the conclusion that my time would best
be invested pursuing another avenue. However, this was around 1996,
so maybe things have changed.

Taking steroid hormones/hormone precursors of unknown function doesn't
seem the safest experiment to undergo, but hey, it's your body. Just
be skeptical of anecdotal evidence for this and any other 'anti-aging'
drug, because the field is rife with placebos and drugs that really do
have uplifting *psychological* effects that are confused with anti
aging effectiveness. Caloric restriction and/or lifelong deficiency of
hormones in the GH/IGF-1 path remain the aging interventions with the
most experimental support by a wide margin.

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Extropian Agro Forestry Ventures Inc. wrote:

> DHEA can be a very useful compound. There is a patent on file at the USA
> which covers the combination of DHEA and the retinoids in combination
> having beneficial effects vis a vi regeneration of damaged lung tissue.

Given that these are the folks willing to patent one-click shopping, I'd
say that what they do or don't have on file says roughly zero about how
promising a technology is. Sometimes it seems that anything short of a
perpetual motion machine will get that magic rubber stamp of approval.

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