RE: Reparations - Education

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 00:38:21 MDT

I had written, partially tongue in cheek because kids are
already compelled to attend school

>>Olga writes
>>> I've already written that reparations to blacks not [!]
>>> be in cash payments, but in making certain that poor black
>>> kids get good schooling in order to help put them on a more
>>> equal playing field.
>> One thing that might be done is to forcefully compel
>> (I know, it's not very libertarian) all black children
>> to complete twelve years of schooling at public expense.
>> I'd go along with that.

Zero Powers responds

> Do you mean a quality education such as can be found in your typical
> upper-middle class white suburban neighborhood? Or do you mean the
> incarceration that passes for education in many black neighborhoods?

Quite seriously now, I do not believe in the use of force
to compel parents or guardians to send their children to
school. (Again, under desperate circumstances of national
survival in hypothetical cases, that would change.)

However, if it is to be granted that states do tax their
citizens to support public schools, then I believe that
all schools within a state should be funded equally. I
do not know why some schools receive more, exactly. But
I'll wager that hardly ever is there a difference within
a state approaching a factor of two.

Now will you please answer? Why is it that when several
thousand dollars per student is being spent on schools in
black neighborhoods, this turns out to be "merely incarceration
that passes for education" as you wrote? And one more question,
if you will: do you think that busing, while it was popular,
did any good?


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