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This doesn't look right to me, either. The number of slaves in the U.S.
topped out at about 600,000. (Contrasted with 6 MILLION in the Carribean --
source: "A Brief History of the Caribbean : From the Arawak and the Carib to
the Present", Jan Rogozinski).

This is not to say that conditions on "the Middle Passage" weren't horrific;
they were.

BTW, regarding the question of the historical burden of slavery, I like to
say that the current cost in the U.S. of slavery is the present value of the
price of 40 acres and a mule in 1865.

Greg Burch
Vice-President, Extropy Institute

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> Olga wrote:
> Ten million to twenty-five million (estimates vary) Africans dead on slave
> ships before arriving to our shores for the privilege of being sold; 246
> years of slavery (something not experienced by any other
> ethnic/racial group) (rape, murder, torture, and lynching of slaves
> 100 more years of de jure segregation (rape, murder, torture and lynching
> black American citizens tolerated); still ongoing de facto segregation
> all those hundreds of years of mean yesterdays; a broken underclass - like
> no other underclass in the United States - today.
> (end)
> 10 to 25 MILLION?! I had to run some numbers on those....
> Being conservative, I took the 10 million figure. Divide that by how many
> were on the boat, I went for possible an extreme number of 1000 slaves on
> boat (Unless they were driving oil tankers). This would still take 10000
> trips. Did they REALLY have that many boats, or were they shipping people
> from like 5000 B.C. forward? These ships took weeks/months to traverse the
> Atlantic.
> Jerry Mitchell
> P.S. I don't feel sympathetic to any cultures. I never met a culture, only
> individuals. Sorry, I dont think group speak, youll have to rephrase the
> argument without using masses of faceless people you never met and
> cant speak for.

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