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Mitchell wrote:
"What do these numbers here mean? The big number Im concerned with is
Does this mean slaves were brought from Brazil into North America? Or from
Africa into Brazil? If these are the numbers brought into Brazil, which set
of these constitute the present day US? I'm thinking Brit and Spanish
America? So that puts the US at responsible for a little over 2 million
total? I can buy that number a LOT better then 10-25 million dead!?"

Of course, I'm no scholar, nor do I even claim an in depth knowledge in this
field, I just consider my self an average extropian guy checking up on some
facts as well as my limited time will allow me. (Others with more time or
inclination may want to help out here)

>From what I can tell, A multi-CD-ROM database culled from individual port
cities and ship manifests was compiled and released in 1999. This resulted
in some of the "new and revised" numbers I quoted. The "imports" are from
Africa or the originating port to the new world. So, yes, it SEEMS that
new, "original" African slaves brought to what is now the U.S. (British
America, and some small fraction of Spanish america[remember florida was
spanish then]) totals maybe 650-700 thousand.

Mitch: Why the interest in Brazil?



AL Villalobos wrote:
> With Olga's comment about 10-25 million slaves dead on the passage from
> Africa to the Americas, my evidence radar sent a warning.
> So, after a 10 minute googling session I culled the following
> "Data points", if you will (I hesitate to call them facts...)
> Would anyone like to ofer a counterpoint?
> Slave Imports into the Americas, 1500-1870
> Area Number of imports
> Proportion of
> black population
> in the Americas in
> 1825
> British North America 523,000
> Spanish America 1,687,000
> British Caribbean 2,443,000
> French Caribbean 1,655,000
> Dutch Caribbean 500,000
> Danish Caribbean 50,000
> Brazil 4,190,000
> Old World 297,000
> Total 11,345,000

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