RE: When Taxation Might be Necessary

From: Mitchell, Jerry (3337) (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 16:54:06 MDT

> Actually, Jefferson thought a revolution every generation
> would be good,
> but he, and the rest of them, never built it into the
> Constitution.

Acutally, they did put it in there, its called a Jury. Most people have
no clue about nullifing bad law. A recent issue here in Tampa is a local
ordinance that dictate exotic dancers must keep 6 feet from customers
when "table-dancing". When one girl was tried under this new law, the
jury themselves told reporters afterwards that they wanted to let the
girl go, but couldnt because the judge told them that the ONLY factor in
this case was "Did she or did she not get closer then 6ft" and that ALL
other issues were not to be considered. The FIJA (Fully informed jury
assoc.) is trying to get the word out on this issue. They have some
pretty good info on the issue at the website.

I for one wish that tax cases had juries, I would LOVE to get picked for
that one.

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