Re: Reparations

From: Mitchell, Jerry (3337) (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 11:24:21 MDT

Olga wrote:
Ten million to twenty-five million (estimates vary) Africans dead on slave
ships before arriving to our shores for the privilege of being sold; 246
years of slavery (something not experienced by any other
ethnic/racial group) (rape, murder, torture, and lynching of slaves legal);
100 more years of de jure segregation (rape, murder, torture and lynching of
black American citizens tolerated); still ongoing de facto segregation after
all those hundreds of years of mean yesterdays; a broken underclass - like
no other underclass in the United States - today.

10 to 25 MILLION?! I had to run some numbers on those....

Being conservative, I took the 10 million figure. Divide that by how many
were on the boat, I went for possible an extreme number of 1000 slaves on a
boat (Unless they were driving oil tankers). This would still take 10000
trips. Did they REALLY have that many boats, or were they shipping people
from like 5000 B.C. forward? These ships took weeks/months to traverse the

Jerry Mitchell

P.S. I don't feel sympathetic to any cultures. I never met a culture, only
individuals. Sorry, I dont think group speak, youll have to rephrase the
argument without using masses of faceless people you never met and certainly
cant speak for.

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