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Is it just me or did evyone ELSE just fall asleep in their BASIC
And worse still, there seems to be this amnesia of the Laws of
"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed only converted in form."
1st law of Thermo.

Infinite Light! where did pop out of?

No such critter

Methinks a lot of folks got their mouths around a word that sounds
cool and stirs the
mind of folks that really dont have a good grasp of the concepts

Most mathematician that i know will profer that it wasn't for several
in college that they accpeted that fact
that they were really rather ignorant to the totality of the concept of

The universe is finite. The mass in the universe is finite. Therefore
amount of energy in the universe is finite.

The quantities involved may be so immense as to boggle the untrained
into equating this to the assumption
of infinity, but alas that is the rub.

Transcendant aspirations do not equate to license to associate,
with the presummed comprehension
of infinity.

Spend some of those hard earned processor cycles and phosphor ionizing
electrons surfin the web at some math sites and some cosmological

Folks, talk is cheap. Real discourse starts with doing your homework.

Have a nice day...........................................

Kirkasaaurus Wrecks

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On Sunday, July 29, 2001 9:15 AM Mike Lorrey mlorrey@datamann.com wrote:
>> If light loses energy along the journey then there is no paradox
> Yes, there is. 'Lost' energy must go someplace. Under the steady state
> theory, the entire universe should be hotter than an EZ-Bake oven.
> Thanks anyways.

What if the universe is infinite is both age and size and expanding at a
rate faster than any process that could bring it to thermal equilibrium?

Again, just speculating here.


Daniel Ust
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