RE: CryoProtect: surveillance and alert system for cryonics

From: Reason (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 16:12:38 MDT

[surveillance snipped]

> However, I have some obstacles to overcome before I can move onto the
> development of the main driver programs. I have posted a complete
> writeup here:
> I would very much appreciate the help of any computer savvy people, as
> I work many hours, and so have limited time available, but I will
> continue to work on this, and will continue to post updates.

Put it up on & advertise for help. That's the hands down
easiest way to find people to help with this sort of stuff. Your project
sounds like it would have wider application than just the cryo-related one &
a lot of sourceforgers like a challenge involving drivers :)


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