META: FYI: email/javien bug

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 07:47:49 MDT

This is just a heads up that there is interesting software
censorship occuring. For those of you not following the
"Big Bank is Bunk" thread, I've posted 2 messages to it
in the last 2 days. In both cases what ended up in the
Javien forum was truncated starting with the text
   "From Drexler, 1995".
Checking the Extropian archives, the full text is present
(so I assume that what got sent to the list was complete).

Either lines ending with three periods or lines containing
the word Drexler and ending in a colon are are invoking the
BlackHoleWhatFollows() function. What an interesting bug.

Either that or I've hit my quota for contributions to the
Extro list. :-)


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