Re: Olga Lee and the Lurkers

From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 02:41:24 MDT

Michael Butler wrote:

> I think they were big in the 1950's. A pity she was overshadowed by her
sister Peggy.
> Translation: I hope this cools off soon. :)

Love your sense of humor, Michael Butler!

As for me, I've already decided to take what's left of my marbles and go
home (i.e., I've spent all I have on the subject -- "all gone").

I second the motion - re Russell Blackford's eloquent post expressing his
reservations about "getting bogged down in interminable, energy-sapping
debate with people whom I basically think of, or want to think of, as
transhumanist allies." (Dear Russell, your thoughfulness, intelligence and
humanity radiates through your writing. I appreciate you very much, for
what it's worth.)

And Damien - what can I say? - if there is a "fauxever" heaven, people like
Damien would make it worthwhile and interesting and fun - love and
happiness. Conversely, (and I regret saying this): if there's a "fauxever"
hell, it will be filled with Ayn-Rand-collective drones. I would
regretfully have to commit electronic hara-kiri. I'm speaking through the
pox of my own imagination and non-enhanced brain now, so please pardon my
lack of foresight about the as-yet-unimaginable future where "miracles" will
never cease, I'm certain, and everyone will be warm, fuzzy and downright
amusing (I cannot live without off-the-cuffs, preferably on the droll side).

This is not good-bye, by any means. I'm not leaving the list, and I'm not
going to lurk (but maybe for a while).

Until we meet again,

P.S. Eliezer, if you can straighten me on what I perceived as a little
inconsistency regarding your "sentient" view of yourself, I would appreciate
it. If you decide not to bother, that's cool. I may have misunderstood, in
any case.

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