Re: Meme Wars

From: John Grigg (
Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 23:55:19 MDT

Well, this is my belated entry to the meme wars(catchy slogans!) thread. I hope some of these are worthwhile.

Here it goes...

Birth defects NO MORE I support biotech

Luddites just don't get it

She won't be going blind -gm foods for a better world
(on bumpersticker have a picture of an African girl)

I support anti-aging research because I'm worth it!

Loving the good life? Thank science and technology!

My family means everything to me -Cryonics!(have Alcor URL listed on all of these)

I love my dog enough to freeze him! -Cryonics!

I want to spend forever with my wife -Cryonics! (give Alcor url)

Cryonics -I will see my loved ones again

Cryonics -I'll be back!

Cryonics -gateway to seeing the far future

Scientific research makes America strong!

Nanotech -small machines amazing results(give Foresight Institute URL)

It will build the future -Nanotech!

Evolution hasn't stopped yet!(give ExI url)

Humanity is still evolving!(give ExI url)

Future God driving this vehicle!
(This message could irritate other driver's and traffic cops. They might mistake you for a Mormon...)

I hope some of these will eventually bear fruit! I put a lot of thought into them. Oh, and nobody better steal them without my permission! :)

best wishes,


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