RE: Russian hacker nabbed by FBI now lost in federal prisonsystem

From: Miriam English (
Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 23:33:13 MDT

At 09:45 AM 27/07/2001 -0500, Harvey Newstrom wrote:
>They sell commercial software that recovers passwords or breaks encryption
><>. Their software is purportedly intended for
>people who have lost their passwords, but could be used by anybody to break
>into for which they never had a password.

IBM, among many other companies sell these scary devices called computers
that are purportedly used for legal purposes, but could be used by anybody
to break into sites and any number of illegal purposes.

I am not actually meaning to be sarcastic here, just pointing out the
danger of what you say.

I, and I am sure many people here, have been caught out with being unable
to use some software after having legally bought it, but having the copy
protection prevent use after upgrading Windows or the computer itself. Or
by simply losing my password.


         - Miriam

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