Re: Certainty about Spiritual Phenomena

Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 22:03:33 MDT

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<< On the other hand, for ubiquitous technology below a certain
 size scale to penetrate the visible universe, yet somehow have
 no effect seems very odd to me. But even if that were the case,
 and atoms were to the computational entities what galaxies are
 to us, it would be a miracle indeed if it so happened that while
 not leaving any visible traces, it nonetheless managed to
 communicate solely with our mystics and religious people.
 Lee >>
Even Minds inhabiting Moravec's interpretation space, would be moving stars
around and manipulating galaxies, if they are indeed, existing SI's. Why not
simply say that life is like, Rare Earth, as you mentioned, but still leaving
room for macro-civilizations, that exist, but are massively,distant?


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