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Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 20:35:40 MDT

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<< This article details current research in creating complex nitrogen
 molecules for ever higher energy explosives, including a theoretically
 feasible N60 fullerene molecules that should be incredibly useful as an
 explosive, possibly delving significantly into the gap between
 conventional and nuclear explosives in energy density. >>

Cool Article, and a fascinating view of what might be the next Terror weapon,
a Bomb that knocks down buildings, but leaves everything un-irradiated. No
mutants to play with, other then the regular ones you meet daily. I wonder if
this could also be an Orion or Deadaleus (grateful) type of interplanetary
propulsion? No radioactivity might mean launch it from Earth, or would
1,000's of launches ruin the Ozone layer?

I am suprised that you didn't catch the article on that efficient carbon-air
fuel cell though, appearing in the same issue. It would obstensibly operate
on coal or coal gas, but at double the efficency of a power plant (40%).

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