Re: `capitalist' character values

From: Olga Bourlin (
Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 19:48:38 MDT

Okay, gang - there was massive miscommunication. I was only referring to
many people being ignorant of the White House's builders (slaves), not
slavery itself. And, later, in Lee's use of quotes around "freed the
slaves" re Lincoln and Civil War (implying what is commonly perceived as, or
"so-called"...) - this also made me think the worst (especially as I
misunderstood that Lee misunderstood ... )

Things like this happen. The web is so tangled by now, it seems prudent to
just drop it and start afresh.

Lee, if you're not too exasperated, I would still like to know your thoughts
about Bush and affirmative action (off-list if you desire)? I would really
appreciate your input to my query below.

> ... we have affirmative action for white people (that's what I meant to
> imply when I said that George W. Bush is an Affirmative Action Baby
> ("AAB")). Why aren't you opposed to affirmative action for white people?
> Did George W. Bush get into the White House on his own merit?

Until we meet again,

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