New Singapore surveillance software can detect abnormal behaviour

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Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 10:40:36 MDT

Surveillance software can detect abnormal behaviour

Friday July 27 7:38 AM ET

New Singapore Software Can Beef Up Surveillance

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore scientists have created new software which
may beef up surveillance efforts in the future by distinguishing between a
person's normal activities and suspicious behavior.

The software created by researchers at the Nanyang Technological University
can tell the difference between people walking, talking and acting normally,
and abnormal behavior such as a fight or someone collapsing.

The Singapore team recorded and classified 73 features of human movement,
such as speed, direction, shape and pattern.

The features were then used with existing ``neural network'' software, which
can learn and remember patterns, to create a new program.

``Each of the features is actually generated from a formula ...then the
learning software will be able to classify certain motion as normal or
abnormal,'' associate professor Maylor Leung told Reuters on Friday.

``It's something new. No one has tried (developing it) and so far we are
successful,'' he said.

Images fed to the software, such as from a surveillance camera, are analyzed
almost instantly and with 96 percent accuracy, Leung said.

The software can trigger an alarm when unusual movements are detected,
making it well suited for surveillance.

Creating the artificial intelligence needed to recognize complex human
motion has been a challenge, Leung said.

It is difficult for the human eye to accurately judge motion, such as speed,
and even harder for a software program to do so, he said.

Leung is looking for partners to commercialize the software. The research,
which took two and a half years, is pending publication in several technical

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