Re: Wealth Distribution

From: Alejandro Dubrovsky (
Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 04:19:49 MDT

> >
> >Have you got any pointers to data stating that the poor got poorer during the
> >Menem era?
> I just stumbled across CEPAL's documents on the web. They seem to indicate
> that during Menem's first administration poverty reduced a good deal, but
> at the end of his second administration poverty levels seem to be the
> same as before his rise to government. Intresting, I think, and something
> I wasn't much aware of (though I recall people saying something like that
> was happening). The link to the 'Panorama Social de America Latina' is:
> (I'm afraid it seems to be only in Spanish, sorry).
> There is also a very nice CEPAL publication with Argentina's general economy
> indicators, showing the development of the last 10 years. Again, I'm no
> expert, but a good amount of the figures look quite appalling to me.
> (again, it is in Spanish, sorry!)
> -Carlos

Thanks. Very interesting stats, and definitely not what i expected (Mean real
salary consistently going down accross the 90s!). It'll take a while to read
them. thanks again.

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