RE: Living Forever

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 03:44:56 MDT

Zero writes

> I don't discount the possibility that a "fantastically
> enhanced" me would feel differently than I do. But then
> a "fantastically enhanced" me would not be *me*.

That's quite debatable. I think that Anders has posted some
reasons to adopt the view that it wouldn't necessarily feel
differently from you. Also, see Mike Perry's book "Forever
For All" for a thorough description.

But if I do grant that point, it still hardly follows that
you need to become dissatisfied or bored with any particular
activity. If you really think that it would be best to take
up motocross again, just remove the boredom that currently
attends the idea.

> I don't doubt that human curiosity was a great asset essential
> to our survival and domination of the planet. However, I don't
> foresee that curiosity will ever be evolved out of us.

After we control our own evolution, it will be our choice.

> If you're not curious, what's the point? *You* might want
> to live just for the sake of living, but for me it's learning
> answers to new questions and experiencing something new.

There will always be more to learn. If not in the physical
universe, then in mathematics.

> At some point in time, whether its a hundred, a thousand, or a trillion
> years into the future, I am bound to run out of new experiences, interesting
> questions, new frontiers. I don't imagine any of us will ever be
> omniscient, so I suppose there will always be *something* new to learn or
> some ultimate theory to disprove. But once it starts getting to the point
> where it takes 99.9% of effort to make a 0.1% advance, no doubt about
> it...I'm bored.

As I say, you don't need to be unless you want to be. Just turn down
the "boredom" knob if it's a problem.

Don't forget the other thing that you can do forever (besides mathematics):
self-re-engineering for greater gratification, fulfillment, pleasure,
satisfaction, meaningfulness, and joy.

The fact that these don't sound so good right now is a mere illusion.
Almost by definition, they really are! And you'll really love them.
> "Are you sure you want to move Zero to the Recycle Bin?
> This file cannot be recovered." Yes - delete.

Never do that!!! Fix whatever is wrong (which is damned hard
today, but won't be then) and move on.

Lee "It is better to be alive than dead."

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