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Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 20:53:43 MDT

I disagree - Pud has been pretty accurate about the layoffs. If you follow
the discussions on the posts you will see different scre^H^H^H^Haffected
ex-employees etc. I also know one of the top reporters (an ex-idealab
employee who had pretty good insight to their various failures.) Very few
of the companies reported are bought out; most of the dot-bombs listed
couldn't raise a dollar with a fork-lift if their life depended on it. Even
the B&M's are listed and we hear about those on the nightly news. If you
work here in the Valley you probably know of many more companies laying off
and going under than even Pud posts...

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This website is generally more of a propaganda outlet for takeover

James Wilson wrote:
> Try reading (you supply the missing uck). Lots of
> signs there. Keep reading back previous entries. It will take a while -
> there are a *lot* of posts.

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