Re: Extropian War on Religion( Lee Corbin -this is for you)

From: john grigg (
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 23:16:41 MDT

I wrote:
>Personally, I agree with Samantha that a person in our age does not yet
>have enough information to be absolutely 100% certain all
>religious/spiritual beliefs are ultimately false and that there is no God
>and/or afterlife.

Lee Corbin replied:
1. Give me some examples of what beliefs you consider to be
absolutely 100% ultimately false.

2. Are you absolutely 100% certain that Neptune exists?

Sorry, I took forever to respond to your post. I need a memory upgrade

In answer to question number one...
The earth is flat.
We never made it to the moon.
Tonga is the greatest nation in the world(I have a good Tongan friend)!

In answer to question two...
The astronomers of the world say it's there. And I have seen pictures in
books and online. Or could this be the great "Neptune conspiracy" I have
stumbled upon with your help! ;)

best wishes,


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