I have seen "Ghostbusters III"(and many of you have too)

From: john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 22:51:30 MDT

I went and saw Ghostbusters III and really enjoyed the incredible computer
animation! Oh, I meant to say I went and saw Final Fantasy! lol! This film
was one part Ghostbusters, one part Aliens 2, and one part Starship

It was written and co-produced by the Japanese. lol Considering the people
involved in creating it, I was amused when Eliezer and others disliked the
film for having eastern mysticism as a guiding plot element. I guess you
folks don't watch much anime! lol Final Fantasy was state of the art
computer animation with a classic anime plot. So, none of you ever played
the Final Phantasy rpg game for the Sega home videogame systems?

I have to admit even with my Christian belief in the spirit/body dualism I
was thrown somewhat by the eastern religious concepts in the film. I wonder
how many Christians(of whatever stripe) liked the idea of scientists
fighting for the concept of there being something beyond the materialist
view. The film would definitely be too hard to stomach for most
evangelicals. lol

My four year-old friend I took along had a great time! The neverending
scenes of horrific monsters being shot at by "the good guys" was a big
thrill for him. He had no complaints.

best wishes,


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