Living Forever

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 09:26:58 MDT

Zero writes

> For me "immortality" doesn't necessarily mean living
> unto infinity. I have a hunch that after a few billion
> years my curiosity will be pretty much satiated, and
> I'll be ready to "give up the ghost."

Fat chance. If you get on any decent path of personal
evolution at all, you'll come to love living more and more.
This "boredom" that worries you --- curiosity satiation---
remember, is a highly specific processes evolved by our
primitive brains to aid survival. We are speaking here
of *millions* of years from now. And sorry to be blunt,
but it's pretty dumb to go about supposing that the
fantastically enhanced "you" of the far future would
experience the same "hunches" you do now.

> So I guess I'm not really reaching for forever. But
> a couple thousand eons or so would sure be nice.

That's for sure! And a few thousand after that too!


> Life is good. Refuse to die...

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