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Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 01:52:59 MDT

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<< It's no secret I'm no scientist, but I'm fairly convinced that the
 as we know it (call it the "usable" universe) will one day play out. I
 don't have a problem with that. For me "immortality" doesn't necessarily
 mean living unto infinity. I have a hunch that after a few billion years my
 curiosity will be pretty much satiated, and I'll be ready to "give up the
 ghost." So I guess I'm not really reaching for forever. But a couple
 thousand eons or so would sure be nice.
 Life is good. Refuse to die (at least for now). >>

Well, its hard to imagine ourselves as a continuous, rational and emotional
artifact; that would stay sane for millions or billions of years. At least
that is the way it seems from today's vantage. However, there certainly seem
to be alternatives to constantly being awake throughout astronomical or
cosmological time.

1. Zero's view: A few thousand years is good enough.

2. Zero's view-iteration 1: A few centuries or millennia, then back to sleep
   Which is analogous to a good book, that gets read by its reader every
    few months or so.

3. The Singularity View: Whenever you upload, you Will Not remain close to
    original personality-set, overtime. You will continue to evolve, change,
and become
    more knowledgeable. You will then become fit for adaptation to enormous,
    amounts of time. in the same sense that you have adapted to the "working
    world as an adult, that would have been impossible for you to accomplish
    as an infant.

4. The Singularity View Iteration 1: You can spawn copies of yourself, which
    better fitted to survive into astronomical time and are then free to
release them,
    before or after you decide to discontinue.

5. Dyson View: Things will get less energetic, so your thoughts will get
slower and
    slower throughout cosmological time. You won't notice this, because all
    will have the slows also. Sig Transit Gloria Cosmos.

6. Moravec view: You will be back again in the minds of an Uber Computer. You,
    being the entire visible universe as it once was. Hey, with neutronium,
or higgsium
    you get a big hard drive and massive bandwidth!

7. There is Tipler's view, but since he seems so reticent about his own
ideas, I will
      just leave it at this.

Point: Its probably a smart idea to consult with a neuroscientist regarding
what biological processes induce feelings of satiation and/or boredom. If
you have a bio-body that doesn't get bored (satisfied?) or you become an
uploaded computer program, in a Uber-net, would you experience satiation, or
boredom? If the answer is no, would we humans seek to pursue this focus? Do
we have alternatives to the Big Sleep versus some kind of Obsessive Program
Artifact (OPA)? Should we be de-fragged?


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