Re: Big Bang is Bunk

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 00:34:43 MDT

>From: Tiberius Gracchus <>

>It seems to me that we really understand little about the universe and
>its fate. So therefore we as immortal wannabes should simply assume
>that the universe is eternal, and work from there. Since we don't
>really understand it yet, there exists the possibility that the
>universe may yet be eternal, and so we as aspiring immortals should
>assume that it will indeed be eternal. By doing so, we enhance our
>own motivation.
> Also, one of the main arguments by deathists against immortalism is
>that since the universe will end someday, we all have to die
>eventually. So there are meme considerations here....

It's no secret I'm no scientist, but I'm fairly convinced that the universe
as we know it (call it the "usable" universe) will one day play out. I
don't have a problem with that. For me "immortality" doesn't necessarily
mean living unto infinity. I have a hunch that after a few billion years my
curiosity will be pretty much satiated, and I'll be ready to "give up the
ghost." So I guess I'm not really reaching for forever. But a couple
thousand eons or so would sure be nice.


Life is good. Refuse to die (at least for now).

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