RE: META: Attachments

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 11:44:11 MDT

Eugene Leitl wrote,
> On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> > Do you think that the binary blob you put on your website would be
> > less likely to contain viruses than the binary blob you attach to an
> > e-mail? If both started on your PC, it seems that the transmission
> Yes. Because putting up a document on a web site and posting a plain text
> email with an URL in it is a filter, both at the sender and the reader
> side. The sender will have to have a modicum of clue. The receiver will
> have to fetch the file.

I would think that your binary would be infected on your PC before you make
the decision to send it as an attachment or put it on a webpage. The
chances of you catching it would be the same. If it is infected, both the
mail route and the web route will both deliver the same infected file.
Unless you are thinking that e-mail might become infected as it passes
through other people's mail systems, while web would be more direct.

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