Re: go interceptors!

From: John Clark (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 22:40:11 MDT

Mike Lorrey <> Wrote:

>The blunt face of a spherical balloon will create greater IR signature than
> the conical shape of the warhead.

You've got it exactly backward, as usual. The warhead contains Plutonium and the
decoy balloon does not, Plutonium gives off a slight amount of heat, heat produces
IR, so your best bet would be to go after the strong IR signature not the weak one as
you said. The effect is very subtle that's why in one of the previous rigged tests
they but a powerful heater on the warhead to make it easier. It's also another good
reason to put the warhead in a big round balloon, it dilutes the signature.

I said in a moment of exasperation:

> > Not one fucking word.

> On the contrary, you did, as a retort about the radar signature issue.

Find the quote, go ahead find it, you love to quote huge gobs of stuff you do it every day,
so quote this one, I challenge you. Find one place, find one word in this entire thread
where I even hinted about a spherical reentry warhead.

   John K Clark

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