Re: EngYog-Sothoth for Fun nanotech

Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 21:32:12 MDT

Interesting, not necessarily a bad idea. I think the fear of "more rapid
evolution' in bacteria lead to fears such as antibiotic resistance. But think
more abstractly, in general are we not usually interested in evolution and
more/faster of it?
These new organisms will be dependent totally on the supply of the synthetic
amino acid to produce its proteins. I think this has been proposed before
as a control mechanism for nanotech, Drexler most likley.
But I think the technology is an alternative to Drexlers 'assembler' based
scheme. If we succeed with 'BlueGene' like stuff, and can model and control
protein folding, then designer proteins is translated into custom proteins
with many possible new properties available. The NYT article mentioned a
'teflon' like protein. I envision mas production of billions of nano
components for nano-electronics, nano-computing or optics.


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