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Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 14:41:19 MDT

Subject: TransMitochondrians> From: Smigrodzki, Rafal
> JR Molloy asked:
> How can we modify the mitochondria in our own bodies?
> There were a few recent articles about successful attempts to concentrate
> oligonucleotides in the mitochondrial compartment by conjugating them with
> mitochondrial targeting peptides. Others have shown that oligos can
> selectively impede copying of matched mtDNA variants. Since mtDNA is being
> continually replaced, theoretically you could use oligos targeting mutated
> mtDNA to clean up the mitochndrial genomes in certain mtDNA disorders, like
> MELAS, perhaps in aging as well. Of course, enormous obstacles would still
> have to be overcome but at least there is a strategy that might work.

Replacement of the mitochondria in our bodies with modified mitochondria
(i.e., removing and replacing the mitochondria in each and every cell) would
change us into different organisms, with different physical attributes, yes?

According to:
"Scientists are taking the first steps toward creating alternative life
forms - organisms that use a genetic code different from the one used by all
other creatures on earth."

Wouldn't it make more sense for biotech engineers to modify the whole genetic
code rather than only the mitochondrial genomes in order to transform the
human body into something better. (Assuming there is time enough for such
experiments before the evolutionary phase transition which would be brought
about by UIMs.)

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