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Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 08:33:24 MDT

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>Brian, guaranteed income isn't the same as welfare as we know it
>in the U.S. I'm sorry I don't have time to write more about it at
>the moment. I'll try to when I have a moment, maybe next week. For
>now, take a look at

I of course realize this, I was using the comparison to welfare to
indicate that they have the same problem, i.e. those on the dole
quickly become addicted (economic addicts) and to be honest,
slothful. The few who could, and possibly would, use it wisely do
not justify the huge social costs.

Besides, I have no intention of paying for it.

I will look at your reference.

>As you'll guess from the excerpt below, it's a negative article.
>But rather than conclude, without further thought, that a
>guaranteed income would never work, it might be more useful to
>make an effort to see WHY there would be problems with it in the
>present-day U.S.

I just see it as human nature, given the opportunity to become
lazy, most of us will. The evidence supports this.

>Given the high likelihood that many people will find themselves
>without jobs in the near future, it might be especially helpful to
>critically consider the idea that most people in our culture find
>a purpose in life only from working for wages or a salary, and
>that getting a paying job is the only purpose of education.

In this case I say we extend unemployment if we need to. There is
a big difference between a safety net program, especially one
you've essentially paid for, and a handout.

>With respect to families, as a former volunteer for a women's
>shelter which provided emergency help for battered women, I find
>it interesting to note that families broke up as a result of the
>guaranteed income. Given the large number of women and children
>I've seen trapped in unimaginably horrible marriages for economic
>reasons, I'd venture to suggest that the breakup of families can
>often be a very good thing.

This is obviously two separate yet related problems.

Welfare is still available for I believe two years, and other funds
could be made available. As I said there is a big difference
between safety net type programs and a guaranteed income (handout).

So far the only plus reason I've found is the notion that large
numbers of minimum wage workers would drop out of the economy, the
Hillarys of the world would have to clean there own houses, watch
their own children, and cut their own grass.

I give that effect +1.


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