To Russell off-list (Was: Property and the Law)

From: Greg Burch (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 06:54:10 MDT


> However, just to be clear where I'm coming from, I am employed as a lawyer
> in one of Australia's most prestigious firms (though about to enter early,
> if possibly temporary, retirement!!) so perhaps I know *something* about
> law <g>, though this is hardly conclusive evidence. I have extensive
> study under my belt in both law and philosophy, with *very* high grades,
> including first class honours results in both Property Law and
> (ie philosophy of law). I have read extensively in these fields and more
> generally in political and ethical philosophy (as you'd know, the subject
> matters of jurisprudence and political philosophy are largely the same, or
> at least overlap very heavily). I have thought about the issues at great
> length over the years and sometimes with all too much earnestness.
> I have probably been too self-deprecating in some of my comments (but I
> don't claim to have all the answers).

Seriously, I'm getting ready for a big trial right now, but I certainly
welcome more lawyers on the list, and look forward to being able to engage
in some good discussion with you in the future. What sort of practice do
you have?

And congratulations on the early retirement -- you survived "a life in the

Greg Burch

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