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Richard Grossman

Many of you will recognize the name Stephen Barrett, the self-professed
"Quackbuster," because of his internet collusions with Michael W.Easley,
and his characterizations concerning fluoridation.

Some of you will associate the Barrett name with his lawsuits of
intimidation against Darlene Sherrell, and others, in an attempt to
restrict her from making public knowledge of his associations with special
interests in industry and other actions that portray his bias.

And many more of you will recognize Barrett for his attacks against all
forms of "alternative medicine."

On Monday July 23, 2001, in what is expected to be a major blow to the man
who claims that he is the media, the publisher of Dr. Hulda Clark's
alternative health books filed a $10 million suit against Stephen Barrett
and others.

The supporters of this legal action (a cross-complaint) expect that the
process of discovery in this legal case will provide tremendous
enlightenment concerning coordinated schemes of harassment, discreditation,
and misinformation that have been applied to a wide array of health issues.

To view a complete copy of this lawsuit, and access a news release
announcing that a Mexican federal judge has ordered Dr Clark's Century
Nutrition Clinic, that was previously closed to be reopened:


The Hulda Clark web site: http://www.savedrclark.org Click "For Breaking

The Health Freedom Law web site: http://www.healthfreedomlaw.com Tim
Bolen's (JuriMed - Public Relations and Research Group) explanation:

Stephen Barrett, Self-Proclaimed "Consumer Advocate " Charged With
Racketeering, and Civil Rights Violations, in California...

De-licensed MD Stephen Barrett - who makes questionable claims of being a
retired psychiatrist, has long testified against, ridiculed, and warned
against, anybody that practices "alternative medicine." He calls it "health
fraud and quackery" Barrett has labeled two-time Nobel prize winner Linus
Pauling as a "quack."

Barrett operates a questionable website http://www.quackwatch.com out of
his basement in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he lashes out at what has
become the overwhelming choice for health care for North Americans -

"Alternative Medicine."

Today - the tables were turned...

Some techniques he and his followers (known as "Quack Busters") have used
over and over again against practitioners of alternative health methods,
are lawsuits, and threats of lawsuits.

Today, he and many of his group, have been named in a lawsuit filed by
Health Freedom Law attorney Carlos F. Negrete, in California. It is Case #
833 021-5.

Go to http://www.healthfreedomlaw.com to read it in its original form.

The lawsuit charges Stephen Barrett, his wife Judith Barrett, Terry Polevoy
(of Canada), Christopher Grell, Quackwatch Inc., Quackwatch.com, Lehigh
Valley Committee Against Health Fraud, the National Council Against Health
Fraud Inc., NCAHF, Healthwatchers.net, the Georgia Council Against Health
Fraud, Rebecca Long, Rebekah Johnson, Scotsoft Research, ssr.com, hcrc.org,
Aron Primack, Peter W. Pappas, Joseph Pizzorno, Robert S. Baratz MD,
William T. Jarvis, Tim Gorski, John Stone, Bill Ross, Peter Bowditch,
Monica Pignotti, Paul Lee, Michael McNeil, Paul Hilling, J.A. Lyons, Paul
Smith, QUACKBUSTERSOFTHEILLUMUNATTI, Esther Figueroa, Jose Figueroa, and roes

1-500 inclusive, WITH:

Unlawful, Unfair, and Fraudulent Business Practices (B & PC 17200 et seq
), Violation of Civil Rights, Intentional Interference With Prospective
Advantage, Negligent Interference With Prospective Advantage, Civil
Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO), Abuse of Process,
Negligence, Civil Conspiracy, and a plea for Injunctive Relief.

The legal action claims that Stephen Barrett, and the above mentioned
parties have engaged in "Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Perjury, Subornation of
Perjury, Extortion, Stalking, Terrorist threats, Assault, Filing false
police reports, Illegal lobbying, Illegal influence of foreign government
officials and/or agencies, Trespass, Invasion of Privacy, Web site
tampering, Internet Spam, Investigation without license, Violation of Civil
Rights & Free Speech, Interference with Right of Free Speech and

Barrett - who calls himself a "Consumer Advocate" has written many books on
the subject of what he views as "Quackery".

He has managed to get himself a lot of attention as a self-proclaimed
"Expert" in Quackery and Health Fraud. Through his web-sites, his books and
articles and testimony, he has attacked many forms of leading edge or
alternative theories, including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Homeopathy,
dietary supplements, alternative approaches to cancer treatment, and others.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of New Century Press as a response to a
lawsuit filed against it by Barrett, et al.


[I sez:]

 the publisher of Dr. Hulda Clark's alternative health books filed a $10
million suit against Stephen Barrett and others....
De-licensed MD Stephen Barrett

What's the evidence for this alleged delicensing? An URL would be useful.

Barrett operates a questionable website

Who questions it, and on what grounds?

Barrett - who calls himself a "Consumer Advocate"

This seems very unlikely. Surely he calls himself a consumer advocate, sans
the scare quotes and capital letters (usually a mark of a crank).

he has attacked many forms of leading edge or alternative theories,
including Chiropractic

`Leading edge' is tendentious, precisely the issue under discussion. For a
view of the wicked technique (sometimes known as scientific method) Barrett
used to probe chiropractic claims, consider this:


< In 1973, Stephen Barrett, M.D., sent a healthy four-year-old girl to five
chiropractors for
a"'check up.'"The first said the child's shoulder blades were "out of
place" and found "pinched
nerves to her stomach and gall bladder." The second said the child's pelvis
was "twisted." The
third said one hip was "elevated" and that spinal misalignments could cause
nervousness, equilibrium or digestive problems" in the future. The fourth
predicted "bad
periods and rough childbirth" if her "shorter left leg" were not treated.
The fifth not only
found hip and neck problems, but also "adjusted" them without bothering to
ask permission. >


The lawsuit was filed on behalf of New Century Press as a response to a
lawsuit filed against it by Barrett, et al.

Ah-ha! Here we come to an interesting turn. Barrett first sued a publisher;
the suit heralded in this puff piece is a *counter*-suit. Draw your own
preliminary conclusions.

Damien Broderick

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