RE: Pinko Commies in Genoa

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 21:31:21 MDT

Ron h. writes

> Lee Corbin wrote
>> I grew up reading all the wonderful old
>> soviet-style rhetoric, and currently enjoy the "progressive" propaganda that
>> it has given way to. But after decades and decades of this, don't the
>> writers ever get self-conscious, and see how ludicrous it all sounds? (Not
>> that I want them to stop.)
> My question is: don't people realise we all had the unit on how to slant
> writing in Freshman English? <G>

Perhaps I don't know what <G> means (grin?). Well, (sorry if this is redundant)
you know they really *want* to slant it. But then, especially given the right
audience, I sometimes want to slant things too (e.g., where there is little
dissent about some question).


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