a cop named crudelia?

From: scerir (scerir@libero.it)
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 15:14:31 MDT

During actions in Genoa against the G8, Italian authorities
have repeatedly attempted to infiltrate an internet chat server
used by the Indymedia network.

IRC is an open internet standard which allows people to set up
and communicate via "chat forums." Users can login with a nickname
and talk back and forth in real time. Independent Media Center,
an international network of indymedia journalists, has used IRC
as an organizing tool for over a year, according to Espe,
a member of the indymedia tech collective.

Italian police have repeatedly tried to access this chat server,
presumably to listen in on plans and coverage being provided
by Independent Media Center. Indymedia, which is operating a media
center in Genoa, has provided in-depth coverage of international a
nd local protests in over 40 cities across the world.

Italian police have logged onto the server under the nickname "crudelia".
Indymedia tech collective members have remained vigilant, though.
"We know their IP addresses and hostnames," says another anonymous
tech collective member. "When we see them come on, we kick them off.
Unfortunately, we are really busy during major actions and cannot spend
all of our time monitoring police spies."


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