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Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 09:06:43 MDT

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Subject: Re: capitalist religion (was: NANO: _Forbes_ cover story)

>Actually, hunter-gatherer groups ranged in size from family units up to
>extended clans, until large predators like sabre tigers, cave lions and
>cave bears were eliminated. While pecking orders did play a role in
>selecting leaders, leaders didn't dictate people lives, and unpopular
>leaders could be ousted.

Do you have a source for this? I don't mean a "this is how hunter-gatherers
live now so they must have lived this way in the paleolithic" one but one
from paleoanthropology. I ask because I am interested in this question but
find it hard to get serious analysis as opposed to mystical BS. Steve Davies

In such societies, few individuals could live
>without the technology in their lives, especially their weapons and
>clothing, and actually only a small percentage of protein came from
>large organized hunts. Most comes from individuals or pairs hunting

I seem to recall that in contemporary H-G societies it's the "gathering"
that is more important for the bulk of food supply, with hunting supplying
the (very important) marginal element. Steve D.

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