Re: FW: G8 (a report from a friend who was there)

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 07:53:11 MDT

Samantha Atkins wrote:
> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> >
> Actually, the report looks like simply someone's words who has
> been there. We shure don't have any fabrication or semantically
> inflammatory wordings around here. No siree!
> Every protest I have done has been a pacifist protest with the
> protesters trained in resisting violence without being violent
> if it occurred.
> I have seen cops attack. I have never seen people attack others
> from pot, mushrooms or other hallucinogens. They are all
> worthless as "battle drugs" as any child of the sixties knows
> full well. Now heroin is a horse of a different color.

There is pot and then there is pot. Most recreational pot is not only
high in THC, but also in CBD, which is the sedative component which
suppresses the edginess and paranoia that THC products. Low CBD pot in
tests with martial artists has been shown to be a very good performance
enhancer that increased agression, strength, and focus. There was a very
good program the other night on the History Channel that examined the
drugs given to warriors in the Zulu army during their war with the
British in the 19th century. Along with this low CBD pot, there was an
extract of a bulb root that works in reducing pain, and a mushroom that
induces a red tinged fury.

This essentially confirmed information I had been given by a
shaman/naturopath while at the Rainbow Gathering this past year. If this
sort of information is that widespread, I expect that those interested
in maximizing the efficacy of protesters in the face of martially
superior police force would utilize similar techniques. How do you know
WHAT they put in the kook-aid?

I imagine that some may use heroin as a pain supressant to deal with
police beatings better, but in too high a dose it is just too disabling.

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