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Subject: ASTRO: Astronomy article relating to Dark Matter

>to map the cosmic microwave background radiation anisotropy.
> (One reason for you libertarians to pay your taxes is that
> it takes money from a lot of people who have no real interest
> in science and transfers it to scientists and engineers who
> are trying to answer fundamental questions about how the
> universe really works. If we didn't have the system setup
> the way it is we would know a heck of a lot less about how
> the universe works.

Funny you mention the cosmic microwave background radiation,
it was discovered by a company, the most actively traded on the
New York Stock Exchange, ATT. The instrument used contained
transistors, also invented by that company. When government says it
spends money on science they usually mean useless crap like the
space shuttle and the international space station. When people voluntarily
give their own money they tend to be smarter. Most of the world's
great telescopes were built with private funds donated by rich men,
including the largest of all, the 394 inch Keck on Mauna Kea,
a second private instrument of equal size recently became operational just
a few hundred feet away. I think it's interesting that one of the biggest
contributors to Big Science, Charles Yerkes, made much of his money by
building street car lines, until government put him out of business when
they decided they could run them much, much better. None of the men who
gave money for these things expected their telescope to make a profit.
If government wasn't around to steal a large pat of their money people like
this would give even more.

       John K Clark

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