POLITICS: Free Speech, Free Sklyarov petition

From: Robert J. Bradbury (bradbury@aeiveos.com)
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 17:25:54 MDT

Slashdot (www.slashdot.org) is running more info on Adobe backing
down in participating with the Sklyarov issue (yea, once
they have made their point, they can exit stage left...).

So, now that the FBI is left holding the bag, this
essentially means "Your Tax Dollars" are at work preventing
*you* from decoding encryption schemes that would
allow *you* to play your CD's or DVD's or reading eBooks
sold at used-eBookStores on *your* electronics equipment
properly programmed to play such.

Sign the Free Sklyarov petition:

(Yes, Harvey will likely complain about turning over all that
information over to an organization you don't know :-), but hey,
they are up-front about possibly running a PAC with it
in the future, probably have an open-source ethic (so
you can presumably get yourself removed if they go too
commercial), and you can always change your email address.
Is that to much to ask for the sake of "freedom"?
Remember the Boston Tea Party...)

DEATH to the DMCA!

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