Re: Transneanderthalism (was: Extropian bodies)

Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 18:27:56 MDT

<<I'd consider myself a transneanderthal but not yet a postneanderthal. The particular class of
Transneanderthal I currently belong to is "human", but
I hope to eventually belong to a more extreme class of transneanderthal sentience. Even if I hope to someday be a postneanderthal, though, I have no intention of ever ceasing to be a transneanderthal.>>

I, consider myself, as rather Pre-Australiopithicus. Perhaps, something stupid, yet mighty, like the Zinjanthropus War Apes of the Pleiocine. There I swing, from tree to tree, eyes intent upon my pitiful prey-the vicious Mango! After completing my grisley meal, my thoughts turn to procreation; and I let loose with a brutal ululation of despair and anguish! Only to my plaintive cry, comes the distant answer, from the she-bitch, Wooley Rhinocerous, as the giant bats chitter overhead...Oh well, I have a condom and its never stopped me before. Stand back, cause its matin' time, weeee doggies, pour me a cold one.

Sincerely, Oooh Oooh

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