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Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 17:08:09 MDT

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> > The _Journal of Transhumanism_ is now called _The Journal of Evolution
> > Technology_.
> Good idea, and media savvy too. I think you'll sell much better as a
result of
> this name change.
The name change was indeed motivated by PR considerations. The JET board
kicked around several names before deciding on this one. (It was one of N.
Bostrom's suggestions). I confess to being the one who initiated the
change. Here's why: Recently, I
had some good conversations about transhumanism at the Canadian
Philosophical Association congress. I gave a couple of transhumanist papers
where I studiously avoided mentioning the word
'transhumanism'. After words, in private discussion, I
mentioned the 't' word and it was a real conversation stopper.
(You know that glazed look people get). I think the perception among many
academics is that a name like 'transhumanism' is flaky. This is not the
first time I have received this reaction either. One of my friends at the U.
of Toronto asked if transhumanists dress in women's clothing. (I said
dressing so is not
mandatory). I wish there was a good synonym for 'transhumanism' that did not
sound quite so new-agey. Does anyone know of any? Mark.

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