Re: NEWS: Genoa riots

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 13:19:03 MDT

From: Anders Sandberg <>

>>Brian D Williams wrote:
>>National boundries are also one of the things that protect us
>>against others telling us how to live our lives. Nothing wrong
>>with being a multicellular creature...

>When I wrote the above, I was actually considering this. Just like
>many other limitations, we might not want to get rid of them all.
>Personally I think it is great that there exist many states with
>different cultures, legal systems and functionalities. What should
>be abolished is the very rigid and restrictive rules preventing
>people from moving between them.

I agree, I would like to believe that what most of the G-8
protesters are really concerned with is a loss of diversity.

>World trade, of course. I believed in world government when I was
>a kid, but I have gradually come to realise the strength in
>diversity and the need to have different solutions being tested in
>different places.

I went through a socialist/world government phase myself, and once
again we seem to agree.


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